How To Stop Premature Ejaculation and Have Incredible Longer Lasting Sex…

At Last! A Simple ‘Foolproof Way’ To
End Premature Ejaculation
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Why is it that even when you show a guy with Premature Ejaculation exactly how to stop it, he won’t spend just 15 mins to fix it?

Before you give up all hope that you simply won’t be able to ever last more than a few seconds, or minutes (if you’re lucky) in bed…
…and before you rush out and spend loads of money every month for special pills that will magically make premature ejaculation go away…

PLEASE spend the next 3 precious minutes reading this message!

Why? Because it will show you how you can naturally make your sex last as long as YOU want to, without the constant fear of premature ejaculation!

premature ejaculation results

longer lasting sex

From the desk of Justin Jameson

Senior Consultant
Dear Frustrated Friend,

If you’re like the thousands of guys frustrated with how long you last in bed ñ itís not your fault. Itís totally normal. And easier than you think to cure.

Now there’s a proven way to end premature ejaculation.

Research shows that the average man will ejaculate within 1-3 minutes of penetration, while the average woman will orgasm after 12-15 minutes! With such a large gap it is no surprise that more than 30% of guys suffer from the pain of premature ejaculation!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Justin Jameson, Senior Consultant for, the Industry leader for “fast and lasting premature ejaculation treatment” since 2004. Nine years ago I was in exactly the same position you are in now and was not able to last nearly as long as I wanted to.

Time and time again I faced the constant embarrassment of coming way before my girlfriend had even started! I was completely embarrassed with my performance for many years until I finally made the decision to find a solution to this very common and often misunderstood problem.

Naturally a shy guy, I was too embarrassed to talk to any of my friends about how long they could last and how to fix the problem. A doctor was also out of the question- I wasn’t about reveal my condition to a complete stranger as long as I had some hope that I could solve the problem on my own, and in privacy!

When I finally had the confidence to talk to my friends about the subject, the funny thing was that all of them were in the same position of wanting to get more time in the bedroom! Suddenly I realized that I wasn’t alone with my problem, and that gave me the confidence to find a solution.

So here’s what I did…

I researched everything I could on the subject. I was convinced that a natural solution must be out there that didn’t involve painful injections, prescription drugs or desensitizing tonics and creams. I collected all the courses and techniques I could find, and tried them all until I found what worked. I then teamed up with a respected expert in Pelvic Floor development and together we developed a unique step-by-step system to guarantee longer sex.

What we came up with was an easy-to-follow program, full of proven techniques guaranteed to give results that last!

The Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program is designed to give you all the control you need, no matter how excited you’ve become. I used to have a problem with premature ejaculation as well as very low self-confidence. Not anymore! It is 100% cured! I was able to increase my time from less than 90 seconds to almost 10 minutes within 2 days of training because it just finally clicked how to have sex!

Other clients who have used this course have taken a few days longer, however everyone has seen dramatic and lasting results within a week of following the course step by step. There quite literally is no other training system like this on the market!

You know what…
Curing premature ejaculation is surprisingly easy!

Remember how the average guy comes after 1-3 minutes, while women need around 15 minutes? As the old saying goes “It’s not how big it is, it’s what you do with it that’s important!” All guys are capable of lasting as long as they want to; it’s just a matter of leaning how!

As guys, we are never really taught HOW to have sex; we’re just expected to figure it out! As a result, many guys learn bad habits when they are young and then end up with problems such as premature ejaculation.

The secret of the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program is training your body to become accustomed to the sensations of sex in the fastest possible time. Lasting longer is a skill anyone can learn! You can learn it in the same way you learn walk, and by learning this technique, you will be able to prolong penetration and give your woman enough time to have an orgasm before you do!

Mother Nature gives all men the same tools to use. The problem is, no one ever teaches us how to use and control them. You see… you already have the potential to last as long as you want to! Everyone does!

The only difference between you and someone who lasts a few minutes more is that they subconsciously know how to use the correct techniques. If you ask them how they do it, I guarantee they can’t tell you! It’s Mother Nature’s own little secret… Until now!

These secrets are so simple, so practical… they can be used by anyone who needs to last longer in bed. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone!

  • Even if you have had ejaculation problems for years
  • Even if you ejaculate BEFORE penetration
  • Even if you’ve tried other programs and failed

Have a look at what our customers are saying about the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program.

longer sex results

 lasted longer in bed

stopped premature ejaculation

ended early ejaculation problems


It makes absolutely no difference who you are or what you’ve tried in the past.

If you follow the simple program we’ve developed, you will last longer in only a few days time and have better control than you ever dreamed possible! In fact, I’ll even go as far as saying… using the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program, it’s virtually impossible not to last longer than you currently do!

Who should follow this step-by-step program?

  • Anyone who thinks they ejaculate too quickly (and that can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 50 minutes!)
  • Guys who want to last as long as their partner does!
  • Guys just like you who want to spice up their sex life and explode their orgasms!
  • Guys who have fallen into a poor sex routine and become a little lazy in bed
  • For men who have erectile problems- this program helps develop rock hard erections that last- all naturally!
  • Shy guys who don’t want to have an embarrassing trip to the doctor. (The drugs they prescribe you can actually make your problem worse!)
  • First timers who are inexperienced at sex and want to make a HUGE first impression!
  • Guys who are frustrated with their current level of stamina; and remember this can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 15 minutes; you can always improve on where you are!


“If you’ve had enough of your Premature Ejaculation,
you can try the “Natural Stamina
Easy Step-by-Step Program”
Risk Free

Have you tried other books that didn’t work and left you feeling like you just missed that one final important step to overcome the problem and make it work? Well the Natural Stamina Program has absolutely all the information and critical techniques you need to stop premature ejaculation now!

Don’t believe the hype of other sites that promise to completely cure you within minutes or even hours! There’s no natural cure that can do this for you without harmful drugs!

Research shows that to develop a new habit you need to repeat an action at least 30 times for your muscle memory to register it.

Believe me, no one loves a quick fix more than I do, but when it comes to premature ejaculation, there simply isn’t a natural one that provides an instant cure. You’re gonna have to put in a little hard work at first, however the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program has been carefully designed to give you the correct exercises and the right amount of time to make the habit of ejaculating when you want to last permanently!

And believe me when I tell you that it really is possible to last longer in less than a week.

Forget about the “Squeeze Method” , the “Masters and Johnson Method” , out of date “kegel exercises” and the “Stop Start Method”. Sure, all of these will get you results… eventually! These methods take weeks for you to simply “get used to sex”. They also require you to practice with your partner. And that is the biggest part of your problem in the first place. Fixing Premature Ejaculation with the help of your partner only makes it even more embarrassing and awkward for you. No wonder these techniques take so long to see results!

The Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program has been designed specifically for you to gain control before you try it with your partner. Only after we’ve built your confidence and you see gains in your control do we let you continue the program with your partner. This way we eliminate your anxiety before sex and let your natural control take over!

Do you get that “gut-wrenching feeling” just before sex…
you know the one that makes you sick to your stomach because deep down you know you’re about to ejaculate way too fast… yet again?

Well don’t worry because there is a proven solution..

Here’s what you’ll learn with the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program

  • Common myths being pushed all over the internet about the causes of premature ejaculation
  • Why expensive creams and drugs don’t work and how they actually make your premature ejaculation worse
  • Why premature ejaculation is actually learned, and what you have to do to unlearn it
  • What the two key muscles are for sex and how to control them naturally the way your body was designed to
  • Why the stop-start method is out of date, and what the latest techniques are
  • How to recognize and control your point of no return
  • How to stop premature ejaculation in as little as 13 minutes a day for just one short week (Anything less won’t guarantee that the results are permanent)
  • How to make your partner orgasm before you do!

And that’s just the beginning! You’ll also learn…

  • How the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program could make your penis bigger
  • How to build your sexual stamina, even at work without anyone knowing! (Just think, even if you think you are too busy to do the course there are sections you can practice anywhere anytime! )
  • Why masturbating is ruining your current sex life and conditioning you to ejaculate too quickly
  • How to at least double your current performance in 3 easy Stages
  • What the best sex positions are for you to regain your confidence
  • How to be a great lover, even if you’re currently scared of sex
  • What the 17 absolute best exercises are to stop premature ejaculation FAST
  • A simple technique you can use to last longer tonight!
  • Meditation techniques that can help you relax and become more confident in front of your partner (especially when she’s naked!)
  • What the most erotic sex position are to try once you have control over your ejaculations (includes training videos)

Please understand, this program is not like anything else on the market. It’s a complete step-by-step program specifically designed to get you results fast.

The techniques you’ll receive to stop premature ejaculation within the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program truly are unlike any other information on premature ejaculation you’ve ever read. You may have already heard of the PC muscle and how you need to make it stronger to stop premature ejaculation. Well it’s not just a matter of learning how to make it stronger, you need to know how to control it!

If you change your approach to having longer sex by focusing on the actual love making muscles rather than just waiting to get used to coming slower, then results can easily be seen inside a week!

In the sporting world, different training methods are used to build the two types of muscle fibres know as “fast twitch” and “slow twitch”. Generally weight-lifters have denser slow twitch fibres for more power, and sprinters have denser fast twitch fibres for speed. If you apply their training methods to the muscles of sex, then you are able to develop total control much faster.


Gaining control during sex is as simple as taking control over your breathing, and control over the PC muscle. By training it correctly, premature ejaculation can be controlled far quicker than by simply waiting for it to happen with traditional methods.

You see, most premature ejaculation books simply rehash general techniques and information like the “stop start method”, or Barbara Keeslings “How to Make Love All Night”. Sure these are great techniques to try, however they take weeks, even months to see results! But you want results FAST don’t you? The Natural Stamina Program was designed to give you the fastest results possible by simply unlocking and revealing your natural potential.

Don’t get me wrong, our program does go into depth about the causes of premature ejaculation, as well as explaining the common solutions available, however we go that final step and give you the exact daily routine to follow to see results fast. You even get our special “Daily Progress Chart” to track your results.

The Plain and Simple Truth
“If you come too quickly you’ll never be able to
satisfy your partner the way she wants you to!”

Here’s What You’ll Get

Inside our members only area you will find 3 easy to understand sections crammed full of the latest industry leading information on premature ejaculation, and having longer sex.

Section 1

Explains in depth the reasons why you have premature ejaculation, and how it is possible to overcome it without the use of drugs, sprays or anything else unnatural.

Section 2

Outlines all the available Natural Solutions, and the pros and cons of each. The theory behind this section leads you to have a greater understanding of how to have longer sex. Without a thorough understanding of your body and how it works, you will have little hope of mastering full control the way you need to.

Section 3

Brings together everything you have learnt into a Concise 7-day Step-by-Step Program designed to give guaranteed results! EVERY SINGLE METHOD in our program is tested and perfected for immediate results! This is the actual step-by-step blueprintyou need to follow for immediate results.


Included with your Program, you’ll also have access to Daily Coaching via email. You’ll get 7 consecutive days of email “fast track success” personal coaching. Over the course of the next short week, I’ll be personally training you on the unique natural tips to guarantee that in 24hrs you have at least doubled your current time, and by the end of the week stopped premature ejaculation once and for all- or you can ask for your money back!

Nowhere else will an expert guide you through the steps to get natural results this fast! (Please note: All correspondence is stricktly confidential and private; you can start the Program straight away, or in your own time. Our guidance is available to you for a full 12 months just in case you have a habit of putting things off! We’ll work with you to get the results you want!)

You also receive 12 Months of Unlimited Support, (not that you will ever need this long) during which time you can contact me directly and ask me about specific problems you might be having. I guarantee to help you find the answer you’re looking for; no matter how long it takes! This extensive support alone is worth $317, but you get it included for absolutely no extra cost. Our goal is to see you succeed!

Imagine for a moment…
  • Seeing the smile on your partners face the first time you last longer than a few seconds and the satisfaction you’ll have knowing that you conquered your embarrassing problem once and for all!
  • Being able to pick up any woman with the full confidence of knowing that your only problem now is keeping enough food at home for two in the morning!
  • Knowing that if you’ve never had sex before, your first time will be everything it should be and not just a moment you’d rather forget like the rest of us!


The best part is you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to end premature ejaculation.

Other available methods like pumps and devices cost upwards of $200. Pills on the other hand, are only around $49.95 per month, plus you’ll need to pay around $40 just for the doctor to prescribe them!

Or you could order the pills online; however you’ll have to wait 7 days anyway for them to be delivered! What about other “ebooks”? Forget it! You can find that sort of outdated information yourself just by typing “premature ejaculation” into Google.

You need a full program with customer support to get the results you need this week.

What’s it going to cost? For just a one time payment of $49.95 $37 you’ll get lifetime access to the entire program, as well as all the customer support you can handle.


So what’s the catch?
Why are we practically giving this program away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. Since you’ll be instantly downloading the manualdirectly from the Internet we have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. We don’t need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone (all though you can contact me at any time via email 7 days a week), we don’t need to include the usual costs for printing, binding, packaging and shipping: instead we pass these savings directly onto you our client! So you win and we win.

But don’t worry, downloading the manual is a snap, I’m no “techno whiz” and I had no problems at all.

The members section which also includes the program online is available 24 hours a day, and the printable manual works with both MAC and PC computers.

Also, the Internet allows the program to be much more interactive, so we can make updates, or add special bonuses much more easily. You also benefit from faster customer service, and real-time help: you don’t have to wait for snail mail any longer!

In fact, I’m so convinced that you’ll be lasting longer than you ever thought possible once you get the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program that I’m willing to go even further to help you!

2 FREE Essential Bonuses For Ordering Today

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following extras valued at $74.

Bonus #1: “Player’s Guide to Seduction AUDIO Book” Valued at $47

Under pressure from our existing clients I’ve finally released our definitive guide to “Seducing ANY woman you want, atANY TIME…”


(eBook + MP3 audio course)

Imagine walking up to any woman in the room and knowing that you can instantly start a conversation and get her to WANT to give you her number before you leave. Mystery can. So can David De Angelo. And now YOU can too as we roll back the curtains on the secrets of seduction. I’m reluctant to add this as a bonus as we’re about to start selling it separately for $47. This won’t be available for long and will be removed as soon as our new site goes live.


Bonus #2: “High on Sextasy” Valued at $27

Here’s your final chance to enjoy
the best sex of your life
using my sizzling secrets and techniquesthat can change your sexlife overnight !


Do you know what your partners most common complaints are when it comes to sex? She’ll never tell you to your face!

Now you can finally find out what they are and how you can become unstoppable, creative and confident in bed knowing that you can completely satisfy her every little desire!


Why have we included these exclusive bonus products?

Because curing premature ejaculation alone won’t guarantee you a fantastic sex life. We know that being able to last a long time won’t be a problem for you in less than a weeks’ time. So what are you going to do then to make your sex life even better?

Our goal at is to give you ALL the resources we have available to make you the ultimate lover! From your overall fitness and health, to your bedroom lovemaking techniques we want you to HAVE IT ALL!

Does all of this sound too good to be true?

Well, we’re not going to promise you anything outrageous like all those other sites that tell you it’s possible “Gain 4 inches now!” or that you can “Last for 4 hours non-stop!” etc. It’s simply not possible! No. What we will promise you is that you’ll be able to last as long as you should naturally, without the fear or embarrassment that you have now!

When you start our program, remember, we provide you with not only all the tools to last longer in bed, but also the tools needed to make you the perfect lover!

Don’t let your busy lifestyle get in the way of making a change today for the better! If you keep putting off doing something about your ejaculation problems, it’s only going to eat away inside of you and just make the problem worse! The sooner you start, the sooner you see the results! Remember, the program includes some simple techniques that will give you results tonight!

And, here’s something else. You can now try out the entire Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program for a full year (365 days) and experience life-changing results for yourself… without risking a single penny!

That’s right… you risk absolutely nothing!

We are so confident that the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program is the absolute best solution to premature ejaculation available, that we are offering the following 3 Guarantees. (No one else in the market is even considering standing behind their product as deeply as we do!)

Since 2004 we’ve only 8 requests for a refund. Most of these clients asked for the refund due to personal reasons and not because the course didn’t work. And yes, the course hasn’t worked for a few people, but of course we gladly refunded their money, and in some cases we’ve still continued to work with them to see results at our expense. We really don’t mind what reasons you have for asking for a refund; the simple fact that you took the effort to stop premature ejaculation makes us happy!


So, here’s our 12 MONTH, unconditional, no questions asked,
100% better-than-money-back guarantee!

“You can have the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program for up to 1 full year, and I personally guarantee that you will at least double your current time within 7 short days of starting the program. If for any reason you aren’t happy with your results, at any time, even if you simply want your money back, just let us know and we’ll refund your purchase price in full! No questions asked! AND You can keep the entire Program, including all the bonuses absolutely FREE!

“If you think you’ve found a program or book that is as good and at a cheaper price, let me know and we’ll beat their price by $10. That’s how confident we are that this is the best program available!

“If you do decide to take advantage of our money back guarantee; We’ll send you an extra $5 for wasting your valuable time! We have not seen this offered anywhere else on the Internet as it’s just too risky- But we believe that our program is really this good!

Now we can’t get any fairer than that!

Get the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program now. Read through it at your leisure. Use the step-by- step program to last as long as you’ve always wanted to. Take up to an entire year if you keep procrastinating… so you are 100% certain that you are satisfied with your results. If at any time within 12 months, you’re not “stunned“… even “shocked” by how much better you’ve become, just let us know and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked. The risk is entirely ours; It’s that simple!

Let’s recap what you receive with the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program when you download it all in just minutes.

  • The only available easy to follow, all natural program to Stop Premature Ejaculation FAST!
  • Access to our Members’ Only Area with the entire program available in 3 easy to navigate sections, along with free articles on men’s health and all aspects of getting a great sex life!
  • A downloadable Program Manual to print and use as a reference guide.
  • You get the unique 7-day progress chart to track your results, and see how much longer you’re lasting each day!
  • I’ll give you daily insider tips throughout the 7-day program and motivate you to get results within the next week!
  • Our ridiculous 12 MONTH, no questions asked, better than 100% money-back guarantee!
  • Our unique price guarantee. If you find a course you think is equal to the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program, send us an email and we’ll beat their price by $10! You won’t find any other sites brave enough to back up their program with a guarantee like this! To see our FULL guarantee HERE
  • Our Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee. We’ll send you an extra 5 bucks just for wasting your valuable time. No where else is this type of guarantee available!
  • Access to all future updates including FREE BONUSES
  • Our Daily Coaching During the Program along with 12 Months of Responsive Client Support, 7 days a week Valued at $147
  • Bonus #1: “Player’s Guide to Seduction AUDIO book” Valued at $47
  • Bonus #2: “High on Sextasy eBook” Valued at $27

 Just think about the alternatives. You can buy a Penis Pump, or other device for no less than $200 on ebay for a good one. No thanks! Or, you could get a monthly subscription to some magical pills, complete with side effects, for around $49.95 per month… and the next month…

 Or, if you order before midnight tonight you get instant access for just $49.95 $37.

 However you must HURRY! We are simply offering this price to get you started for the new year; it will go back up to $49.95 very soon!

 So what are you waiting for?

 Don’t spend another night of embarrassment curled up in bed with your back to your partner! Now’s your chance to stop a problem that’s probably been nagging you for weeks, maybe years! For less than the price of a pizza and a six pack of beer, you can be well on the way to a fantastic sex life! Do something about it now and see results as soon as tonight!

 Order now and get instant online access to the entire Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program for just $37! (Our out of print hardcover version alone, without all the bonuses, used to sell for $99; that’s a saving of 63%!)

Turns You into an Unstoppable

Download the entire Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program Risk Free right now



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lasting longer

Just imagine how you’ll feel knowing that you’ll never have to apologise again to your partner for not lasting as long as she does!

In fact, you’ll be able to last so long that you’ll actually want her to talk about you to her girlfriends now!


Enjoy Life… It’s meant to be fun!

Justin Jameson

Senior Consultant


P.S. If you continue down the path you’re on, you’ll never get out of “the rut“. What I’m offering you is the easiest, most risk free, step-by-step system available. Remember, you can try the entire course for up to 365 days and see for yourself if my specially designed 7-day program will give you the stamina you deserve!

P.P.S. Also, don’t forget that even if you decide to ask for your “No Questions Asked” refund, you can keep your copy of the Natural Stamina Easy Step-by-Step Program as well as all the bonuses absolutely free! There is absolutely no risk for you to try this course now!

P.P.P.S. Remember, once you order, you’ll get instant access to the entire course. You could be seeing results in as little as a few hours from now!