About Us

Natural-Stamina.com was started in early 2004 and has quickly become an Industry Leader for giving clients fast results and outstanding customer service.


Justin Jameson
Co-Founder & Senior Consultant

Justin co-founded Natural-Stamina.com in early 2004 based on the belief that a niche market existed for helping men suffering from premature ejaculation. Always an embarrassing problem for those who experience it, Natural-Stamina.com was set up to give men who were not willing to see a traditional doctor or talk to friends about the problem an avenue to seek professional advice in the privacy of their own home.

Justin has successfully developed a unique 7-Day Program that Guarantees results without drugs, devices, injections or sprays.


Gillian Sharp
Chief Researcher & Consultant

Gillian is a Physiotherapist based in Sydney, Australia with over 20 years of experience giving care through non surgical means. Over the last 15 years she has become a recognised expert in the area of preventing incontinence through the natural strengthening of the Pelvic Floor Muscles. Her knowledge and experience was invaluable during the development of the Natural Stamina 7-Day program.