Early Ejaculation

Early ejaculation is a common and uncomfortable problem.  If you’ve ever suffered from the embarrassment and discomfort of early ejaculation, then you understand the frustrating experience of ending a sexual encounter far too early.  You know exactly what’s like to finish before your partner is ready, and you know that gut wrenching feeling of expecting to finish too quickly in the bedroom.

 There are a number of techniques that can help you stop early ejaculation.  If you’re ready to take control in the bedroom, then consider the following two techniques.

The Masters and Johnson Grip

One way to stop early ejaculation is through the Masters and Johnson grip. The Masters and Johnson grip was developed by two sex therapists as a response to premature ejaculation.  This method focuses on conditioning your body to react to sex in certain ways that will delay ejaculation and extend your pleasure and the pleasure for your partner.  To do the Masters and Johnson grip, you or your partner must stimulate your penis until you’re right on the brink of ejaculation and then squeeze hard enough to partially lose the erection.  In doing so, you’ll stop early ejaculation.

 By practicing the Masters and Johnson grip repeatedly, you will learn how to recognize the way you feel right before an ejaculation and gain control of the timing of your early orgasms.  This provides you with an easy way to stop early ejaculation and enjoy pleasure on your own terms.  After you’ve practiced this technique a bit, you’ll learn how to delay the orgasm of your own accord so you don’t have to rely on your body’s natural timing anymore.

The Stop Start Technique

 Another way to stop early ejaculation is through the stop start technique.  Just like with the Masters and Johnson grip, this requires you to have an awareness of your arousal.  One of the better ways to practice the stop start technique is through masturbation.  Stimulate yourself until you feel ready to orgasm (this is where awareness comes in handy), and then stop completely.

 For the stop start technique to work and minimize your early ejaculation problem, you can’t touch yourself at all for a while at this point until you feel yourself beginning to lose your erection.  Meanwhile, focus on breathing deeply and consciously.  Throughout the entire stop start technique, you should try to maintain a high level of awareness, and noticing your own breathing is a key aspect of this.

 Then, resume.  Now that you’ve managed to stop ejaculation, you can pick up from where you left off.  Take another pause when you feel like you’re about to ejaculate and let yourself relax again.  Each time you repeat the stop and start technique, you should notice that you can last a little bit longer before you feel ready to climax.  Like the Masters and Johnson grip, the start and stop technique is designed to decrease early ejaculation by making you and your body more aware of your physical state.  As you become accustomed to applying pressure at key moments or starting and stopping, you should be able to prevent early ejaculation more easily.

 Continue to practice these techniques, and you should be able to experience the pleasure of sex at your own pace without the worries of early ejaculation.  By training your body and remaining fully aware of your pleasure levels, you can enjoy stress free sex.  Remember:  early ejaculation doesn’t just affect you, it makes a big difference to your partner’s pleasure as well.   By practicing these techniques and considering other factors in your life – such as diet, smoking and drinking habits, etc – you can provide renewed, enhanced, enjoyable sexual pleasure to you and your partner.

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