1. What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is defined as the inability to delay ejaculation to a point that is mutually desirable for both partners; and this can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. It all depends on what you and your partner define as “too fast”. PE is considered one of the most common sexual problems affecting men today. While it can be the cause of shame or embarrassment for many men, premature ejaculation is perfectly normal and can be easily treated.


2. Will your program work for me?

Yes it will!
Research shows that to form new habits you have to repeat the desired action at least 30 times. Our program is proven to work and our unique techniques fast-track your results to ensure your body forms the new habit of lasting, and destroys your current habit of coming faster than YOU want to.


3. How does it work so fast, you said it was all natural?

The Natural Stamina 7 Day Program teaches you the science behind why you have PE, and then gives you unique and specific exercises to overcome the problem quickly through a concise 7-Day Program. This program does NOT INCLUDE any drugs, sprays, injections or devices. There is nothing more to buy once you join this program.
The Program will teach you how to control the right muscles for sex, how to control your breathing so you don’t tense up, and how to build your confidence quickly. These are only the specific exercises that you need, not hundreds of useless so called techniques that waste your precious time!


4. Are you a doctor? Why should i believe you?

No, I am not a doctor. I was just like you are not too long ago, and I decided to try as many different solutions as possible, all of which didn’t work! With the help of an expert with over 15 years specific experience in this area, we developed a unique system that gave me and many others fast and lasting results. Now I want to help the thousands of other guys who have PE as it’s a sensitive problem to talk about and to cure.


5. What if i don’t feel comfortable with the course?

If for any reason you are not happy with our Program you have our unconditional, 100% Money Back Guarantee! Even if you just want to rip me off and get your money back and keep the Program for FREE, that’s OK! I want to try and give as many people as possible the opportunity of stopping PE quickly. It’s actually very easy to do once you know how!