How To Last Longer in Bed

 If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to last longer in bed, then you know the pain and frustration of premature ejaculation.  Suffering from a lack of ejaculatory control can be frustrating for everyone – for both you and your partner – so lets outline a couple of proven methods that teach you how to last longer.

 There are a number of basic home treatments that will help you last longer in bed. While we cover many more powerful methods in the Natural Stamina program, these will help you get results regardless.

Kegel Exercises

 You can begin to gain ejaculatory control through kegel exercises that work the pubococcygeus muscles.  This is one of the most common tricks to last longer in bed and involves repetitively flexing and relaxing the muscles you contract when you pee.  Although kegel exercises are most commonly associated with women’s health, they also help men gain greater control over the timing of their ejaculation.  Do these exercises in three to four sets of ten each day, and you should notice improvements in your ejaculatory control.

Controlling Your Arousal

  Additional exercises focus on your awareness of your level of arousal.  The Masters and Johnson grip, for example, is one of the oldest methods for lasting longer although there are updated techniques that we cover in the Natural Stamina program.  This technique involves bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm and then squeezing your penis tightly enough to prevent ejaculation.  After a moment, you can resume sex and prolong the experience.  As you learn to recognize your level of arousal, you should gain ejaculatory control and last longer in bed.  The Masters and Johnson grip can be practiced either on your own during masturbation or with the help of your partner.  After you’ve become accustomed to this technique, your body will be conditioned enough to recognize how close you are to ejaculation.  With awareness, you’ll automatically increase your ejaculatory control.

 Similarly, the stop start technique is another of the guaranteed tricks showing you how to last longer in bed.  This technique also focuses on awareness.  To practice this, bring yourself to the brink of orgasm either through masturbation or intercourse and then stop completely.  For a minute or two, neither you nor your partner should touch your penis at all.  Take a moment to focus on your breathing.  After a little while, you can resume sex.  Repeat this about three times, and you should notice the amount of time increasing before you feel ready to ejaculate.  By learning to recognize your arousal level, you should last longer in bed.  Psychologically, the stop start technique will increase your control and awareness of your pleasure.

 Other ways that show you how to last longer in bed focus on altering your general lifestyle. While the primary causes of premature ejaculation aren’t universally agreed upon by all doctors, most medical professionals agree that there are certain lifestyle factors that contribute to the problem.  In order to last longer in bed, you should focus on living a healthy lifestyle – smoke less, drink less, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet.  Not only will this improve the way you feel the rest of the day, but these factors all contribute to the pleasure (and length of pleasure) that you experience in the bedroom.  By having greater control over the healthy areas of your life, you should also have greater ejaculatory control.

A Proven Way To Last Longer

  Ultimately, these are only a few of the basic methods we teach that show you how to last longer in bed that don’t require an invasive doctor’s visit and prescription medications like Viagra or Cialis.  Remember, try to regain ejaculatory control naturally through regular kegel exercises, the Masters and Johnson grip technique, the start stop technique, and a generally healthy lifestyle.  If you’re ready to enjoy sex again without fear of premature ejaculation, then give them a try. And if you’re truly committed to finding a proven way to last longer in bed, then the team at Natural Stamina can help you with a confidential easy Step-By-Step Program.