Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects millions of men around the world.  Not only does it create an uncomfortable situation for you and your partner in the bedroom, but premature ejaculation is embarrassing, frustrating, and downright awkward. But don’t worry, it’s more common than you might think – and you’re not alone.

Are you looking for a premature ejaculation cure?

A simple quick fix to renew your desire for a spirited romp in the bedroom?

Many sexperts agree that premature ejaculation is classified as an ejaculation occurring within two minutes of penetration. And for many guys, 2 minutes seems like an impossible goal. But the specific reason you’re ejaculating too quickly can and will vary.  While it isn’t a cut and dry issue, there is help available no matter what your situation might be. Everyone facing embarrassing and unexpected early ejaculation feels helpless and out of control. You’re prevented from enjoying the lasting pleasure of sex, and you don’t have enough time to satisfy your partner before that pleasure is interrupted.  Instead of shying away from the bedroom, you can now take control of your sex life by following some of these premature ejaculation cures.

How To Beat Premature Ejaculation

  Kegel exercises are often touted as one of the most effective premature ejaculation cures.  Kegel exercises focus on strengthening the muscles in the pelvic diaphragm area.  Kegel exercises are usually recommended for women since they have the ability to reduce pain during childbirth and increase pleasure during sex, so you may be surprised to learn that they also benefit men greatly.  Those pelvic muscles can provide much greater control over ejaculation and can sometimes provide enough improvements to eradicate erectile dysfunction.  Just as you may enjoy hitting the gym a few times a week to build your general physique and enjoy a healthier life, strengthening these muscles with regular kegel exercises can provide a great improvement to your sex life. 

Working on these kegel exercises is so simple that you can do them anywhere – in the restroom, at your desk, on the way to work, etc.  All you have to do is flex and relax the muscles you use to pee several times.  Start out doing three sets of ten and slowly increase as you build the muscles.  These don’t take long, so they are easy to incorporate into your already busy schedule.

Another possible premature ejaculation cure is to slowly build your stamina.  Try to enter your partner and remain motionless for about ten minutes.  By doing this, you get to enjoy the feeling of penetration without adding any stress to yourself regarding performance.  As you train your body to do this without getting to zealous and excited, you’ll be able to increase your overall sex performance as well.  As you’re building a case against premature ejaculation, also try to pull out for about thirty seconds before you ejaculate.  This will give your body a little break to relax and calm down.  When you reenter, you’ll experience the same pleasure again.  After repeating these exercises enough time, you should experience premature ejaculation with much less frequency.

Other possible premature ejaculation cures include drug remedies, such as Viagra and other medicines credited with increasing your erectile function and pleasure.  The most effective active ingredients in these over the counter and prescription drugs are dapoxetine, tramadol, clomipramine, and even vasodilator.  (This last drug is injected directly to the penis.)  This approach tends to be much more invasive and chemically oriented, and not one we recommend to clients. We’ve found the above solutions to be far more effective and natural for thousands of men with premature ejaculation problems.

Generally, it’s recommended that you try these basic home exercises for a premature ejaculation cure before you resort to pharmaceutical treatments.  Start with the kegel exercises and intercourse exercises, and gradually build your stamina.  Monitor your progress carefully.  You and your partner should both benefit in the bedroom in no time.

Good luck!