Client Feedback

Here’s just a few of the many thousands of men who are now enjoying longer lasting sex…

“Hi Justin,

I just want to take the time to thank you. This is the best thing that could happen to me.  See I’m a guy that could easily pretty much get any girl I want. The problem was that I was insecure about being in bed since it took less than a minute for me to ejaculate.

But now, WOW!!! This is incredible, the first night I was able to last 12 minutes straight. It was the best sex I ever had, and my partner must have orgasmed at least 3 times. After we were done she just couldnt believe it. She hugged me and kissed me non stop. I was just trying to catch my breath. The thing I liked is that she didnt even have to know what I did to be able to last this long.

The best part about it was that I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen but it felt like I orgasmed twice when I only ejaculated once. That was the best feeling ever. I’m just curious about that because usually when I orgasm thats it I need to stop and I ejaculate, but this time I felt like I orgasmed without ejaculating, which meant I still stayed rock hard until I ejaculated.

Well I dont know what to say, this is the best solution ever, Im going to reccomend it to all my friends. Not only did this help my premature ejaculation, it made me get solid rock hard and have the best orgasms Ive ever had. This is incredible.  Once again THANKS ALOT Justin, you don’t know how much I appreciate it. This is the best thing ever!

It okay to use my email, I dont mind. This is the best thing that could have happened to me. My confidence is now up to 200 percent. Once again thanks alot!


Los Angeles,


“Hello Justin,

or who ever did the research and wrote the book. i have had remarkable results. im am on my 2nd day of exercises. but i have jumped from 90 sec. to 20 mins. just reading the book gives me cofidence. i just gave my baby 2 orgasims within 20 mins. trust me she let me know. it was the best i can offer her. i cant wait untill i complete the program. i am 17 getting ready to turn 18 but i have reconized my problem early. im not ashamed to admit it. im will not let my friends know my secret untill they buy the book dont worry they wont get it for free they have to buy it to know the secrets that u teach me. i owe it all back to u this is deffinetly a special gift to a good friend. i cant thank u more. i couldnt have dont it without this material. once again i thank u for doing the research for all men with the problem that i have had past tence. ive tried pill but nothing is better than the confidence the this book gives me. i didnt think that it would work within the first few days but u said to be warned the exersises might make u come faster but i wasnt woried the meditation and the ecersises of the pc muscles made me confident. and i will finish the book but i feel like i got exsactaly what i needed. thank u once again. i couldnt have found any better solution.
thank u for the wonderful reshearch,



“Hey justin,
I just want to thank you for what you’re doing, it’s simply amazing. Every guy in the world should be using your program. After only one day I went from 2 minutes to 10. And the other night for like 20. I’m now capable of releasing when I feel fulfilled(which is always for guys) but also when my girlfriend feels fulfilled as well. She’s been saying ‘ Oh last night was great’ or ‘ Wow that was amazing’. Now I feel confident about my sex life and I want to do it everyday about 2-3 times. That was a little personal I know but that’s how happy and impressed I am. Anyways I am off, and I hope your buisness is going well cause it should.

Thanks again.
A.D (hoping my name stays confidential)”


“Hey I have been doing the exercises each day I think that what I needed was a explanation of how this problem is caused and how it work, and your book is great for this, in simple steps you explained and I got it, I felt more confident just by reading it. That’s what I need it, in the book you
explained exactly what was happening to me, I always had the fear of not being able to satisfy her and that is the only think I was thinking during sex, so that fear is what brought me a lots of bad moments. I know I’m not suppose to have sex for a week,, but you know,, and it was great,, We both had a great time, at the end she kiss me and hug me like crazy. Not matter that,, I’m still following the book step by step because is this is the beginning; I can’t wait to reach the end.

Thanks Justin
Sincerely Erick”


“Dear Justin,
I want to tell you that I loved your ebook, it’s totally worth it, and like you said on the 7th day I saw a lot of difference in my sex perfomance! I used to last in sex from 5 to 8 minutes; right now i’m doing an average of 15 to 20 min. And my girlfriend Loves it off course! I’m much more confident to have sex with any women now, I’m so happy, thank you so much guys! This program really really works! Thank you so much!

Mexico City


I thought my boyfriend was crazy when he started looking on the internet for something to stop his ejaculation problems. And when he bought your program i almost killed him! I have to say, i’m still appologising for not trusting him; your course has made so much impact to both of us. Our sex is now so much more fun that he has relaxed and can last almost 5 times what he did before (he was pretty bad!)
Thanks so much guys!



I’ve had this problem for 7 years, I can’t believe i didn’t find you earlier! It was far easier to fix than i thought it was ever going to be after all these years. I’d almost given up hope! Thanks again,
Sandy S.”



“Hi Justin,
Damien here. I have finished the course and have seen improvements. Your course is excellent!
I can maintain an erection through EX6 and 7. And it does get me really hard. I can do the 10 and 15 reps as stated no problem; and then can perform 32 and 31 reps for the 3rd and 4th lot for EX 6 and 7.
So now, I can do steps 1 to 7 in one go…
…it was more intense than ever before – and I could shoot like a porn star!
Thanks for your help,



Dear justin,
Your programme is absoutely superb. I would advise it to anyone even men that dont have a problem with p.e as they can increase there staying power to greater lengths. For a guy such as me on the verge of starting his sex life and finding out that i couldnt even get past foreplay without ejaculating, was really stressing me out my girlfreind was starting to get frustrated, and it was a massive blow to my ego. But now i have nothing to worry about thanks to this awesome programme. The exercise are enjoyable to do as you find out how you body operates, which really intrests me and Now i have the motivation in the bedroom that i once never had thanks to you and i am seriously looking forward to my future sex life.
thanks again

Ross Austen
United Kingdom